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What is BOINC?

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a software platform for volunteer computing and desktop grid and volunteer computing.

BOINC lets you volunteer your idle time on your computer or phone to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It’s safe, secure, and easy!

Volunteer computing supplies more computing power to science than does any other type of computing. This computing power enables scientific research that could not be done otherwise. Volunteer computing also encourages public interest in science, and provides the public with a voice in determining the directions of scientific research.

All that is needed is to install and select the projects desired. The rest of the participation is automatic.

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Boinc Projects is a truly powerful tool that, once mastered, will help you build personal and work relationships.



Our software monitors your device’s performance, so whatever you are doing on your device, it stays out of the way.



By default, the program works only when the device is connected to the power supply.


Convenient interface

Despite the abundance of functions, everything is at a glance.



Can be accessed from any device.


Boinc projects you must see!

The everyday person can use the idle time of their computer to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars and do many other types of scientific research.

How to get started? Just Download the BOINC software! You can participate in several projects (ensuring that your computer will be kept busy even when one project has no work), and you can control how your computer’s resources are divided among these projects.

We think you must see some of this best boinc programs:


What boinc projects do we recommend?

SETI@home, a project of the University of California at Berkeley, has been searching for alien civilizations and, since 1999, has been processing radio signals recorded by the Arecibo Observatory telescope.

During this time, the signals coming from 98% of the observed sky were studied (though in a rather narrow range). More than four million users managed to participate in the project.

Einstein@Home is looking for pulsars in outer space, sources of a special kind of electromagnetic radiation.

The main objective of the project was long considered to confirm Einstein's theory of gravitational waves, but in the end, the signal that proved their existence turned out to be too short to fall into the data area processed by the project.

Despite this, Einstein@Home continues to operate, identifying new sources of gravitational radiation.

Closer to the Earth projects - Asteroids@home, studying small space bodies, and Climate Prediction.

Engaged in weather modeling - there are still many places on Earth where meteorologists do not have enough computing power to calculate weather forecasts.

MilkyWay@Home is another project about deep space.

Within its framework, distributed computing power is used for three-dimensional modeling of galaxy formation processes.


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Benton Doe

“Absolutely a wonderful piece of software. It allows you to volunteer your extra computer time, which is normally wasted. A great combination with this is world community grid, which will help manage which projects you're computing for.”

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Catherin Woodland

“I just wanted to give an update and say that BOINC is wonderful on a Mac. I'm not as interested in the "screen saver" effects, although they are quite interesting now. I'm just glad that i'm helping to solve real world problems with almost zero cost (yes, a little more electricity). BOINC has come a long way since it's "Beta" days.”

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Archie Smith

“Easy to setup, does the job without foss and it has enough parameters to configure it according to your digital lifestyle.”

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Christian Preston

“Super easy to set up! I have repurposed my old computers to constantly run the BOINC program. I love the projects, and the screen savers are a nice touch.”

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Isolde Boyd

“My first project. Started with SETI.”

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Kailee Hart

“A framework used by many projects to do distributed computing it is great if you want to contribute to many facets of science to helping decipher data from the CERN this can help you do it. I contributed many CPU cycles to SETI, and always liked their screensaver, so did others as I always received comments about it.”

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